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My Experiment With Time-Restricted Eating

By regularly making my body deal with (a slight) scarcity of easy fuel (glucose) it is provoked to get better at using the resources inside already (fat). I buy the argument that our bodies were developed to optimize health and performance under conditions of periodic caloric scarcity, or – stated in the opposite – an abundance of food is literally killing us slowly.

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The Add/Subtract Game To Improve Your Nutrition

Making changes with nutrition can be particularly challenging because of the way it is so deeply linked to our biology, our feelings, our thinking, our relationships and to our culture. 

I can’t tackle all of those in this blog post, but I do want to offer one approach, at least on an individual level, that can make it a little easier to transition toward a better nutrition pattern.¬†Turn it into a little game for yourself.

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Four Powerful Questions

In this interview, Jerry shared three powerful questions that he learned from his therapist (at minute 23:02 into the interview), which he asks himself and clients (and even his kids!). These caught my attention as quite profound, once you really think about the implications.

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Steps Toward Good Sleep

Over the last several months I’ve started to learn that my sleep does not necessarily need to be so poor, and my body so uncomfortable. Though there is more challenge to good sleep as we age, what is commonly experienced is far below what is possible…

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Improving Our Motivations

What moves you to avoid this kind of food and seek that kind? What moves you to get out of bed to exercise when it involves unpleasant sensations? What moves you to pay attention to just one thing in the midst of many attractive distractions? The definition of...

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What Is Meditation For?

Meditation presents more of a promise of changing your view of your circumstances, than a promise to change the external circumstances themselves. It aims directly at your perception – your perception of your body, your mind, your physical and social environment. It helps you listen much better to the messages being sent.

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Can There Be Too Much Exercise?

What humans seem to be uniquely suited to do, what keeps us particularly healthy, is to keep moving much of the day, in a variety of ways, at fairly low intensity, though with periodic bouts of great effort, spread out over the weeks and months and seasons of the year. Humans are made to move a lot, but not often at highest speeds or at highest intensities.

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Getting Started With Breathing Better

There are different ways we can breathe – the body is marvelously capable of adapting the breath to all sorts of body positions and states of excitation. It is good that the body can breathe in so many different ways. But for most of the time, when we are at rest (or should be at rest) we need to be breathing in one particular way: diaphragmatic breathing.

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